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Hi, I’m Kraken Fireball! I work as a software engineer during the day, and sometimes late nights. I got my bachelor’s degree in Engineering and was lucky enough to snag a job on the way out of school. This lead to me immediately making more money than I knew what to do with, not the worst problem to have. Up until a few months ago I didn’t know what to do with it. I spent some of it, saved some of it, and eventually found a goal: Become Financially Independent by the Time I am 30!

This blog will be documenting that journey from where I am now to my financial independence, and maybe beyond. As an engineering student I didn’t do much writing in school, and if I did it was technical writing, so this blog is an outlet for which I can practice writing. Please bare with me as I develop a style and learn about how grammar works. Words have always been a lot of artsy handwaving in my opinion and never made sense like math does.

Additionally I want to share some of my other goals in life beyond financial independence. Since the purpose of this blog is to document my progress to financial independence I will be sharing my net worth with you. I also like to read so I am going to be posting book reviews.

Here’s some pages to check out while you’re here:

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  3. Net Worth Page
  4. Goals Page
  5. Beyond Fireball Finances

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