You spend money on what?!?

You Spend Money On Lighting Up Empty Rooms?!?

Yeah so this is something that I actually have a serious issue with. I live in a 550 sqft apartment and I am really bad about lighting up multiple rooms at the same time, even though I am in only one room at a time. On the bright side, pun intended, I have yet to leave a light on in the apartment while I’m not home, with the exception of my patio light one day. This is painfully wasteful and inefficient, read: expen$ive.

The worst part is that only one of these light sources is a CFL bulbs. I just have the normal bulbs that were in the apartment when I moved in. How many lights do I have in my apartment?

4 in the bedroom

1 lamp next to bed (This is my only CFL)  – 15 watts

1 light in the living room

1 lamp with 2 lights in the living room

2 lights in the bathroom (Could be 4 but 2 are blown out and I haven’t replaced them)

1 light on the patio

2 florescent bulbs in the kitchen

So that is 12 bulbs total, 9 old-school incandescent bulbs, 1 CFL, 2 florescent bulbs. My incandescent bulbs use 60 watts each, my CFL uses 15 watts, the Florescent bulbs are idk 40 watts. How much does this cost to run all my bulbs for an hour?

(Wattage*time*cost/kWhr)/60mins/hr = costToLightApartment

(635 Watts * 1 min * $0.11/kWhr)/60 = $1.16

Well that’s not too bad, if I run all my lights for an hour it only cost $1.16. I never run all my lights for an hour. But what if I replaced all my lights with CFL bulbs?

(230 Watts * 1 min * $0.11/kWhr)/60 = $0.42

That would basically shave my cost of usage by 36% or $0.74/hr. Do I really want to replace all my bulbs with CFLs, after all not spending money to buy these things might be cheaper. I plan to be in this apartment for another 20 months. So my assumptions are: I will turn all my lights on for an hour each day and a pack of CFLs off of Amazon costs $23.47. Woo hoo math time:

#MonthsInApartment*30.5 days/month * $0.74 Savings/Day = SavingsOfUsingCFLS

20 Months * 30.5 days/month * $0.74 = $451.40

Shoot, that’s a lot of dough. That’s kind of an exaggerated situation, but how little would I have to use to make not using CFLs worth it?

(SavingsOfUsingCFLS/CostOfCFLs)/(#MonthsInApartment*30.5 days/month)*mins/hr = MinsOfUse/day

($451.40/23.47)/(20 * 30.5)*60 mins/hr = 1.89 mins/day

Well that should be the final nail in the coffin of whether or not Kraken should invest in CFLs. I definitely use every light in my house for more than 2 mins a day. Even including days that I am not in my house. I guess I should order them right now.

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