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March 2016 Net Worth

It’s March First today! Which means I get to look at all my accounts and reevaluate my net worth:

March Net Worth

Krakens’s Total Net Worth: $31,700

Financially Independent Net Worth:  $828,500

Percent of journey completed: 3.8%

Months to Retirement: 82

Break Down:

Kraken’s Checking Account: $5,200

Kraken’s Savings Account: $3,300

Kraken’s Roth IRA: $4,800

Kraken’s Vanguard Index: $9,800

Kraken’s 401k: $790

Kraken’s Down Payment Savings: $8,750

Credit Card: -$875

 February’s Saving’s Rate:

Income: $4,100

Saved: $3,200

Savings Rate: 78%


I got a credit card, so that’s exciting. It has been weird not being able to just look at my checking account to know if I have enough money to afford something, I now have to check my budget instead. I immediately set it up to auto draft, part of me wants to just log on and pay the debt off immediately but I am trying to restrain myself and wait for the auto draft to do it’s job.

I’ve setup automatic deposits to my Vanguard savings accounts this month which was a huge success. Usually I’d just forget about it and do it later, now it just happens right when I get paid. Last night I even set one up for my Roth IRA, so that will be an increase in my savings rate, I am planning to fund it with money I got back from taxes.

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