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Why Should I Listen to Kraken Fireball?

Well, quite frankly you probably shouldn’t! I didn’t get out of mountains of debt, I’m lucky enough to not even have student loans. I have come from an upper middle class family so I’m lucky for that. I don’t have a degree in economics nor do I spend loads of time studying and picking stocks, I have boring index funds. I don’t even have advice that I think is that unique! Did you read that article about lightbulbs? Who cares about lightbulbs, that math was kinda hand wavy anyways. I once heard on a Star Talk podcast that “The only qualification you need to give advice is to have someone fool enough to ask for it” (S6E17) I don’t even have that qualification! This blog may not even contain good ideas since I don’t know if I am going to even reach my goal of financial independence by 30!

Well Then, Why Should I Even Read This Blog?

Wait, wait! Before you go to look at another site by people who are far more qualified than me let me give you my elevator pitch on why you should subscribe and keep up with me. I don’t know if I am going to even reach my goal of financial independence by 30! Mr Money Mustache was financially independent for 5 years or so before he even started his blog. I think I’m a unique case because 1) there aren’t a lot of 23 year olds that are trying to be financially independent by 30 in the first place 2) there aren’t many people who blog about the journey from start to finish 3) who knows what is going to happen in the next 7 years, maybe the old ways of becoming Financially Independent through frugality won’t work. So don’t you think it would be cool to watch me grow and change? See the way I think about money? See how what decisions I make? Surely I am going to make a mistake or two on the way, wouldn’t that be cool to watch me (hopefully) bounce back from those errors?

Currently I’m in what I like to think of as the research & development phase of this adventure. I have started researching the problem of financial independence (FI). I am trying to figure out what other people have done, learn where they have failed/succeeded. I even did some math to figure out if it was possible, turns out it probably is. I’ve rented books from the library about economics and started reading those, most of them want to teach me how to pick stocks so I have to figure out if that’s a good idea or not. I started reading a lot of blogs about FI to figure out what they are doing. I want to buy a property and rent some of it out to make some side money, BiggerPockets.com thinks it’s a good idea but jlcollinsnh & thriftygal think it isn’t. Most of what I have learned about finances I have learned in the past 6 months, so my education on that is weak to say the least. When it comes to finances I need to research questions such as: “Should I get an IRA or a Roth IRA, what’s the difference anyway?” and “How do taxes even work? Is there a better way than using these online services?” These are all questions that I am going to have to answer and whatever answer I come up with I will document here. If you become one of my loyal readers then you can see the decisions I make and watch them cause me to fail or succeed.

On the development side I have started making changes to my life such as: moving closer to work, not going out to eat much, biking to work (most days), cut my own hair etc. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement: I need to start using CFLs, I live alone, I put more miles on my car than I should, I still buy lots of new things, etc. So if you want to watch me go through these changes in my life then this is the only blog to get that information. Here you can watch a guy who grew up in a house with the AC or Heat always on learn how to live without it… in the humid summer heat of Texas.

Sounds Good I’m In! What Should I Do?

So glad to hear you’re interested in watching me go through this journey make sure to like, subscribe, follow me on this laundry list social medias and blah blah blah blah blah…

That’s not really what I want from you. I don’t care about social media, I didn’t have a personal Facebook account until about 4 weeks ago. I only have a twitter for this blog and to be honest I haven’t figured out what the appeal of it is. What I want from my loyal readers is encouragement, constructive criticism, and (dare I say) advice. In my design classes we would go through critical design reviews, the teacher and other students would try to poke holes in your design that you worked so hard on and at the end of the day you had to go back to the drawing board. The teacher didn’t do it because he was a jerk, he did it because he wanted his students to be better, that’s what I’m imagining this website will be fore me. So when you read my post I would like to know: Do you think that my decisions are right? Is there something I didn’t take into account when I made a calculation? How would you approach the same problem? Comments are open on all posts and most pages so please use them. If you hate commenting on websites you can contact me directly here, currently I don’t get many emails so I will have no problem responding to yours.

Since I value your feedback I would like to make sure that you get new posts so you can read them and tell me what thoughts you have about it. The current options for this are inputing your email on the sidebar to the right and get posts in your inbox, following me on twitter @KrakenFireball and see tweets when I post, or using my rss feed: www.fireballfinances.com/feed and get posts with all your other blogs. If these options don’t work for you let me know, I’m more than happy to enable more people to read about my journey. Knowing that I have people looking at my site really motivates me to write so if you really are interested in my journey it is in your best interested to follow me one way or another. I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I think I will!


Thanks for reading if you’re interested in finding “another site by people who are far more qualified than me” I have a list of suggested sites here. I hate spam/junk mail, and I assume you do too, so I won’t be selling your email to anyone to speed up my path to retirement, incase that’s something you’re worried about.

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