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So Why Did Kraken Start This Blog?

I remember that as a kid my dad always wanted me to keep a journal and write in it every night. I don’t know why he wanted me to do this because I don’t think he did it himself. The idea appealed to me in theory, being able to look back at your younger self and watch the drama of your life unfold again. I never consistently did it though. Here or there I would write for a few nights in a row but it seemed like a chore and I didn’t want the outcome enough to put in the work. This blog is that struggle reincarnated.

The first, and most important, reason I decided to start this blog is because at the end of my journey to FI I want to be able to look back and see how far I’ve come. I’m sure that by the end of this whole process I’m going to be numb to a lot of the major changes I’m currently making to my lifestyle. I want to have a way to remember the struggles to make that change.

Recently I decided to make pizza, I biked to the store after work, picked up all the ingredients on my list, packed them into the panniers of my electric bike and peddled home 1 mile and started baking. It was great, I was having fun making the dough and then I realized I don’t have any cheese or sauce. What was I thinking!?! How did the 2 most important ingredients for pizza slip my mind?!? I should bike back to the store and pick them up BUT the dough is already made, it’s dark & late, my bike is almost out of battery, and I’m hungry. So armed with plenty of excuses I hopped in my car and drove the measly 1 mile to the store and grabbed the ingredients, came home, and had a tasty pizza for dinner. While enjoying the dinner I was a little upset that I ruined my potentially car free day because the 2 key ingredients slipped my mind but overall it was nothing to lose sleep over.

One day I hope I will be the kind of person who is so used to biking to the store that when the same situation and excuses show up I will think: “So what if it’s the dough is made it’s not going to go bad in the few minutes it takes to get to the store”, “Who cares if it’s dark & late, I bike in the dark all the time”, “I don’t care if I’m hungry, dinner will taste better the hungrier I am”, and “Bike battery is low? What kind of excuse is that, just use a manual bike.” When I am that person I want to see the battles I lost and appreciate how far I’ve come. The end will be awesome, no doubt about it, but there is value in the journey and I want to capture that value in this blog.

There are a few minor reasons that I wanted to start this blog too. I think the online community centered around FI is awesome! MMM has his own cult, which I am a proud member of. There are podcasts, forums, blogs galore, and even subreddits devoted to this stuff. I’m a firm believer that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with both physically and virtually. I want to meet some of these people who are practically rockstars in my mind, and maybe I’ll become a rockstar to someone else in the process. I’ve already started exchanging emails with one blogger I look up to which is thrilling for me!

Another reason is because the middle part of FI can get boring. I can imagine myself sitting there 3-4 years from now and thinking “Ok I’ve got my savings rate in the right place, I’m investing in all the right things, I’m on the right track… now what?” Hopefully this blog can get me over that hump when it comes. Worst comes to worst I can write a post about how bored I am, but I don’t see that being a problem since I currently have a hydra list[1] of potential blog post ideas. 

Apparently blogs can make you money, that would be neat but it’s not a primary goal. I’m not looking for a second job or even a replacement job so money isn’t my goal, documentation is. Don’t expect any adds to be popping up soon since I currently like the simple layout I am using. If/When they do pop up they will be subtle. My current focus is to get into the habit of writing on a regular basis then after I realize that I enjoy blogging I would consider trying to monetize the place to cover the cost of maintaining it because having a free hobby sounds nice.

I want to become a writer. I love reading. I read fiction and non-fiction and I figure if I read why not write (how hard can it be, anyway? /s[2]). Writing appeals to me because I like telling stories and I’m pretty imaginative. It doesn’t appeal to me because I was never good at grammar or spelling and writing was associated with homework. Hopefully this blog will improve my language skills and make me associate writing with fun. So far I’m having a good time.

I want to prove to others that this can work and that being frugal doesn’t mean I will be miserable. Hopefully I can help one or two people on the way to FI and make their lives better. A lot of bloggers and writers I read have posts/books about how they became rich but they wrote it after it all happened with numbers from what they can remember. I value numbers and data so hopefully in 7 years we can look back and see how it all came together. Overall this blog should be a very thorough documentary of my path to financial independence from start to finish.

So What Should I Expect From The Blog?

It looks like you should expect a lot of questions and answers. Like I said in an earlier post I am still trying to find my writing style. I didn’t write much for school and when I did I hated it. When I’m putting together these articles it’s easiest to think of them as conversations between me and you my loyal readers. My imaginary readers ask me questions and I try to answer them as best I can. If you have a real question use the contact button and I’ll get back to you, if it’s a good question then I might make a post of it. You should expect articles that I currently think are important to telling the narrative of my path to early retirement. I don’t plan to force myself to write a certain number of articles a week because that makes it sound like homework. I do plan to invest a certain number of hours into the blog per week so that will hopefully keep the number of quality articles coming out steady. I can’t promise that the articles will be error free on the spelling/grammar/typo side of things but I will stand behind my ability to do math. As I said above I’m not trying to make this a job, I already have one of those that takes up more time than I want it to. I’m doing this for fun and for me so that Retired-Kraken can look back at 23-Year-Old-Kraken and see how much he has changed. Finally, You should expect monthly updates of my net worth which will be posts for the archives and there’s a page dedicated to showing the latest numbers here.

Is there anything else that you would expect from a blog like this? Let me know and I will consider it. Do you think my reasons for starting a blog are any good? Hopefully they are strong enough reasons that I will stay invested in this blog for at least the next 7 years.


[1] Hydra List: A list that grows faster the more you remove from it. Based off of the serpentine water monster from Greek and Roman mythology. Cut one head off and 3 more grow back in it’s place.

[2] /s: End sarcasm.

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