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April Net Worth

Ouch! I stayed late, like 12:30 am late, at work last night and now I’m up early tracking this, at least my savings is growing by a few hundred dollars on it’s own. That’s really cool to see!

April Net Worth

Krakens’s Total Net Worth: $38,700

Financially Independent Net Worth:  $828,500

Percent of journey completed: 4.4%

Months to Retirement: 81

Break Down:

Kraken’s Checking Account: $7,200

Kraken’s Savings Account: $2,800

Kraken’s Roth IRA: $5,700

Kraken’s Vanguard Index: $12,500

Kraken’s 401k: $1,300

Kraken’s Down Payment Savings: $9,900

Credit Card: -$660

 March’s Saving’s Rate:

Income: $7,100

Spent: -$1,229.59

Savings Rate: 81%


I changed up the savings rate calculation to use expenses instead of the amount of money I saved. This should capture wealth building like interest as increasing my income which is good, however my savings rate will fluctuate more because I pay myself for long term expenses like car insurance. All in all it should average out at the end. I had a big spike in income because my tax return came back, I am going to put this money into my Roth IRA over time, but instead of plopping it all in there at once I am buying over time through dollar cost averaging. I didn’t do this last year and it hurt me.

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