Money Monday - Net Worth

May Net Worth

May Net Worth

Krakens’s Total Net Worth: $42,200

Financially Independent Net Worth:  $828,500

Percent of journey completed: 5.1%

Months to Retirement: 80

Break Down:

Kraken’s Checking Account: $4,300

Kraken’s Savings Account: $5,000

Kraken’s Roth IRA: $6,400

Kraken’s Vanguard Index: $14,700

Kraken’s 401k: $1,500

Kraken’s Down Payment Savings: $10,800

Credit Card: -$360

 April’s Saving’s Rate:

Income: $4,100

Spent: -$1,196.19

Savings Rate: 71%

This month I felt like I spent a lot because I went out to eat a bunch but after looking over the numbers it looks like my savings rate is in the right place. Which makes sense, the $30 I spent on eating out pales in comparison to the $3,250 that I have automatically drafting out of my account and into my investment accounts.

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