Test Post

This is a test post because my automatic email stuff isn’t working. I am using Mail Chimp and I signed up my personal emails but I’m currently not getting anything when a new post comes out. Be advised, if you did sign up for the email alerts I don’t currently see your name on the list (The only emails on there are my own). I will update this post when the problem is solved. If you have any experience with setting up automatic emails, through Mail Chimp or another service, I would appreciate the help.
On an unrelated note I am writing new content for this blog every morning so there won’t be another sad month without posts like last month. Progress is slow but continual which is better than the short bursts that I typically put into work.


Kraken Fireball


The auto email alerts are now working, so if you were signed up before feel free to sign up again. If you weren’t signed up before you didn’t miss anything but sign up soon or else you will.

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