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December Net Worth

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December Net Worth

Kraken’s Total Net Worth: $38,600

Financially Independent Net Worth:  $828,500

Percent of journey completed: 5.65%

Months to Retirement: 73

Break Down:

Kraken’s Checking Account: $2,500

Kraken’s Savings Account: $4,600

Kraken’s Roth IRA: $7,700

Kraken’s Vanguard Index: $12,700

Kraken’s 401k: $2,400

Kraken’s Down Payment Savings: $9,600

Credit Card: -$1,000

September & November’s Saving’s Rate:

Income: $1,446.00 (Subleased my apartment while I was in China)

Spent: -$3,482.00

Savings Rate: N/A

So I’ve been gone for a few months, I went to China and I had an amazing time. I didn’t really save any money doing it but it didn’t cost me any more than living in the US. I will be writing more about my trip to China in upcoming posts. Additionally, I’m out of my apartment in and currently crashing at my parent’s house. My long term plan is to make it back to China and teach English so hopefully, I won’t be on their couch for very long. Not having a rent payment should be nice for a bit, but all the money I save will probably go to funding my next trip to China, so it’s a wash. I’m glad to be back on the blog writing, expect to see more stuff soon!


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