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100 Days of Writing

Some people are fueled by coffee, I am fueled by mandarin oranges.

I’m going to write every day for the next 100 days, if I succeed at this then I will buy myself a new, to me, MacBook Air. I have wanted one for a while now, but I can’t quite justify spending money on a new computer when I have a laptop that works well enough and a desktop that I don’t use any more.

This is a dilemma that I struggle with more often than I should. I usually want some new shiny toy, electric bike, headphones, coffee maker, tea set, backpack, etc. Then I find a dozen reasons to buy it and a dozen reasons not to. Reasons like “I’ve lived this long without it”, “it could make my life so much easier”, and “all my friends tell me I should get it because it improved their lives.” After I have a useless list of reason for, and against, buying it I end up either not buying it telling myself it’s a “waste of money” or break down and buy it on the sole justification that “I’ve wanted it for a while so I should just get it.” I’m not happy with either of those methods so I’m going to try this new method of “earning” my new gadget.

Instead of following this path of unconfident decision-making I am going to try to get something out of my dilemma. I am going to earn the laptop by working for it. Instead of being a mindless consumer who buys things without thinking about it, I am going to try to better myself and build a habit using the MacBook as a reward.

There are things aside from the MacBook that I want to get out of writing this much. I have been telling myself I want to be a writer for a while now and I have done a bit of writing but nothing substantial, or at least anything I’m really happy with. Right now I look at what I write and think it’s absolute rubbish and I have a hard time believing that I will get better. However, I logically know that writing is a muscle and if I write more I will get better.

The key is to open up MS Word and stare at it even if you don’t know what to write about. That way if your friend comes up behind you and takes a picture, it still looks like you were working!

What are the rules of writing every day for 100 days? First, a writing session will be at least an hour. During that time I can write anything fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or even songs count. Additionally, editing previously written works count as writing. The only thing that doesn’t count as writing is when I write in my journal, since that is usually just a recap of my day, and this isn’t the kind of writing I want to develop.

Lastly, there are no excuses for not writing, it’s an hour and I don’t have a job so it shouldn’t be that hard to find the time. It doesn’t matter if I’m traveling, sick, or it’s a holiday. I will write every day! Developing the habit of writing every day is more important than achieving 100 consecutive days of writing. This means if I miss one or two days in the entire 100 I will still consider it a success. This also means that after 100 days I shouldn’t quit writing, maybe after that period I switch to only weekdays and take holidays off, but if I write for 100 consecutive days but go back to the sporadic schedule I’m on now then this experiment it will be a failure.

So that’s my plan moving forward, are you in a situation where you aren’t sure if you should buy a replacement for something or not? Try using the purchase as motivation to better yourself. Maybe you don’t want to build a habit but you want to achieve something, you could use the purchase as a carrot to help lead you towards your goal. The general idea of being good with money is to be mindful of your spending, maybe I fail in this whole writing process but I realize I really do need a new laptop then at least I have a substantial reason to buy it. Let’s see what will happen, the first day of this journey was November 30th so hopefully on March 10th I’ll be buying myself a new MacBook Air and more importantly, I’ll have developed a writing habit that I am proud of!

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