January Net Worth

Net Worth Article

January Net Worth

Kraken’s Total Net Worth: $38,300

Financially Independent Net Worth:  $828,500

Percent of journey completed: 4.62%

Months to Retirement: 72

Break Down:

Kraken’s Checking Account: $3,800

Kraken’s Savings Account: $4,600

Kraken’s Roth IRA: $7,900

Kraken’s Vanguard Index: $12,200

Kraken’s 401k: $2,400

Kraken’s Down Payment Savings: $9,500

Credit Card: -$2,200

December’s Saving’s Rate:

Income: $1,446.00 (Continued to sublease apartment and sold unused items/furniture)

Spent: -$808.00

Savings Rate: N/A

It looks like I made more than I spent this month but the first $1,000 was from my savings accounts so it doesn’t really count. I probably could have spent less but I went on a vacation with a friend. Considering that $800 spent isn’t bad. I didn’t do gifts with my family this year which was great for me from a giving and receiving standpoint. Eliminating rent is awesome but it obviously isn’t sustainable.


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