Recipe to Quit Your Job: Frugality + Side Hustle

Quit your job of mindlessly staring at computer screens
Just seeing an office makes me sick now, which isn’t the worst problem to have.

You want to quit your job because you hate it. I can see it in your eyes, and I get it. You stare at a computer screen all day without the freedom to go outside and enjoy the beautiful sunny day. You don’t have control over what you work on, and it’s rarely fun. Worst of all you feel like you’re not accomplishing anything, all your work is just filling up executives pockets, while they pay you the same regardless of how hard you work.

Wanting to Quit Your Job Is Normal

Welcome to the Majority

Unsurprisingly, you’re in the majority. Almost 70% of people aren’t engaged with work. It makes sense. We weren’t made to sit inside all day and trade time for money. What are we going to do, though? There’s no way not to work. It’s a fact of life, you get a job, work 40 years, and retire at 65. Then, at sixty-five, if you live that long, maybe you can still enjoy yourself at that ripe age. You don’t just quit your job because you don’t like it, but forty years is a long time to put up with it. How do you get out of this cycle?

Welcome to the Minority

Welcome to the group of people who want to do something about the job they hate. We are done complaining about what we do for a living. We are going to take action and gain the ability to tell our bosses to shove it and go out and enjoy the beautiful days given to us before we are too old to do it! But where do you start? Our schooling never covered how to quit our jobs, just how to get one.

Ingredients to Quit Your Job: Frugality

The power of frugality

The truth of the matter is most people spend money without a focus on the bigger picture. If they want it, and their bank account isn’t empty, they buy it. Sometimes there isn’t even a qualifier, buying stuff on credit regardless of their bank account’s status.
Frugality lets you focus on what is important to you. I’m not saying don’t buy anything. I’m saying don’t buy everything. Spend your money, so you have enough things, then stop.

Frugality Helps Break the Cycle

The key to being able to quit your job is to have F-you money. F-you money is an amount of money that makes you feel comfortable enough to walk away from something without having to consult your finances. It’s what made me feel comfortable when my company was laying off quality coworkers. It’s a different number for everyone, but my ballpark is between one and three years expenses.
“Oh my god, three years costs?!? That’s impossible. I spend over 50k a year and can’t imagine having $150,000 in the bank anytime soon.” Here is where frugality comes into play. Say you cut your spending down to $15k a year. Don’t tell me it’s impossible, let’s just imagine for a bit. At $15k per year, the amount of F-you money you need is $45,000. Most likely you can achieve this within a year!
The less you need money, the less you need a job. Soon enough you can get around to quitting. How do you cut down these expenses? I’ll go deeper into that later.

mesa verde colorado beautiful day
Quit your job and see the world! This is a frugal trip I took to Mesa Verde Colorado, can’t see this in an office.

Ingredients to Quit Your Job: Side Hustle

Don’t hate work, hate the job

The truth is you’re not going to be able to live without doing some work. You could do it for about 3-9 months depending on the kind of person you are. Eventually, you will need a project. It’s an itch built into human nature. Once you have frugality figured, start learning about a side hustles. It is extremely common for people who pursue a side hustle to make more doing their side hustle than they did at their original job.

The What

When you are looking for a side hustle pick something you are interested in and want to improve on. DO NOT pick something that is your passion. If you’re interested in something and want to improve at it, you will be motivated to learn more about it, and that will fuel your hustle. Passion is a fickle mistress and not only is it fleeting but it also makes it harder for you to relax. If you enjoy woodworking and the sounds of saws and hammers relax you after a long day of work, don’t let your side hustle become selling woodcrafts. How will you relax after a long day of woodworking? I promise it won’t be woodworking.

The Why

The most important thing to consider when thinking about a side hustle is why you want to do it. The why is so, so, sooo important because the hustle isn’t going to be easy, once you get down to it. The why will be the fuel that gets you through. It will also help you determine what you want your hustle to be. If the why you have is “I want to travel around the world working as a digital nomad,” then you shouldn’t start a business around making candles in your basement. However, if you want to spend more time at home while your kids grow up, a candle shop in your basement is entirely reasonable.

The How

Once you have your why and your what start looking into the how. How will you monetize your business? List all the ideas you come up with, regardless of how unreasonable they may be. You should also do some research on how others have monetized their business and how much they have made doing it. It’s a big world out there. Surely someone has done something similar to what you’re planning. Make sure to ask yourself the question “Will this give me enough to replace, or surpass, my current income?” since that is our end goal, chances are it will.

Quitting Your Job is Within Your Reach

If you hate your job and want a way out of it, this is the site to read. I can, and will, walk you all the way through the steps to get out of your job and start doing work you enjoy like I did. All you have to be up to date is subscribe in the sidebar.
I know that you don’t want to be in the majority, the people who complain about their career all the time. You are destined to be among the minority of those who take action and improve their situation. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. I don’t miss my day job a bit, and you won’t either.
After you take action and subscribe, comment below. Let me and the community know what you think. What is one cost you will reduce? What are a few side hustles you would consider pursuing?

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