Money Monday - Net Worth

Money Monday – Net Worth for February 2017

Hey, guys! I’ve deemed the first Monday of every month “Money Monday!” I’m going to be sharing my net worth with you every first Monday from now on. Below is my net worth for February 2017. Come back Wednesday for a new post, this week’s post is a sequel to Mr. Frugality, meeting his better half, Mrs. Side Hustle.

Net Worth Article

Net Worth for February 2017

Kraken’s Total Net Worth: $37,034

Financially Independent Net Worth:  $828,500

Percent of journey completed: 4.46%

Months to Retirement: 71

net worth for February 2017 - $37,034
Hopefully, this graph will get more interesting in the future… but not too interesting, I don’t want it to look like a roller coaster.

Portfolio Allocation:

portfolio allocation for February 2017
I like stocks, they grow fast and I’m young so I can handle the volatility.

I haven’t been able to do this before because my current budgeting software doesn’t break it down to this level. This is a really neat tool to play with if you get a Personal Captial account.

February’s Saving’s Rate:

cash flow for February 2017: $1 - $1058
I’m working to get the income up. The one dollar I did make was from investments. $1 isn’t enough to retire on, unfortunately.

Savings Rate: N/A

I am trying something different this month, and hopefully future months. I signed up for Personal Capital which is a wealth monitoring tool that will help me simplify how I observe my finances. If I like it, which I probably will, then I will write up a review about it and let you know the good and bad of it.

My net worth for February was a bit spendy, I almost kept it under a grand but I didn’t try very hard. I signed up for a Chautauqua in Ecuador which was $500 of this month’s spending. I’m hoping to up the income soon, with the implementation of a Side Hustle, which I guess in my case would be a full-time hustle… food for thought.

How do you like the new layout of the Net Worth post? It simplified my life so I’m a fan of it. Do you feel like you got more out of it than last month?

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