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Intentionally Lead a Thrilling and Adventurous Life

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door,” he [Bilbo] used to say. “You step into the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to” – JRR Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring
From a young age, the hero’s journey has engaged me. I would watch movies and read novels wishing that I could go on a quest like the main characters. I dreamt of living an adventurous life, be guided by a wise old man, or meeting a scoundrel and uncovering their heart of gold. As my adolescence withered into adulthood, I slowly began to believe that these dreams were beyond this world. I settled into a safe degree, then a job, and soon found myself wishing for more adventure in my life.

The Default Life

Eventually, I got fed up and quit my job determined to find an adventure of my own. After months of various adventures and talking to friends about our experiences, I firmly hold the belief that everyone can have an adventurous life. Unfortunately, we often follow the path laid before us, rarely looking up from the road to see where it is taking us. Typically, life sounds like a checklist:

  • attend college
  • start a career
  • buy a car
  • date to get married
  • finance a house
  • have 2.5 kids
  • retire at 65 years old

This checklist is the dream life for some, one that they are excited to lead. I want the rest of you to know there is another path to travel.

The Intentionally Adventurous Life

Most uncles won’t buy droids with stolen plans of the Empire’s new space station. We have to go out to find our adventure. You can find these amazing experiences by living with three intentions. Financial Intention, which is leveraging your finances to enable you to have an adventure. Educational Intention, learning things that apply to your journey. And finally, Action Intention which is acting in a way that will set you up to leave the well-beaten path.

C3PO and R2D2 in a hallway at the Hoth base
These are the droids, and adventure you are looking for

Financial Intention

Most people look at those around them to determine where they should spend their money, seeking financial advice from family and friends. These are great people to talk to, if and only if, you want to end up where they are. If your idea of adventure is to teach English in Southeast Asia, should you aim to finance a house in America like your friends are?
Financial Intention is intentionally spending money on items and experiences that will get you closer to your adventure. With financial intelligence and purpose, you can finance any conceivable adventure.
Financial intention will solve most hesitations chaining us to a traditional lifestyle. Intentionally use your money as a tool to fund your life, not the other way around.

Educational Intention

Start learning about your adventure. Do research about what it will take to live your dreams. Don’t just ask “How much will it cost?” also ask, “What will it feel like?” Once you make an emotional connection to your adventure, you won’t want to lose focus.
Bilbo and company didn’t leave the Shire unprepared. Thorin spent years tracking down his father’s map, bringing together fellow dwarves, and finding a burglar. Instead of looking for a wizard to guide you, look at the blogs of people who have done something similar to you.
Does your adventure require a certification of some sort? Invest time in preparing for it. If you want to thru-hike a triple crown trail, consider first aid training. If you want to study in Germany, you will need to learn German, which is at least a year-long education process.

Action Intention

The reason most people don’t pursue their adventure is that they act like those around them, instead of acting towards their goals. If you dream of writing a novel, don’t turn on the television until you’ve done your writing for the day.
Don’t feel like you have to remove everything that isn’t relevant to your adventure. Instead, be mindful of your actions. Every person has 24 hours in a day. Successful people manage these precious 24 hours as efficiently as possible. Individuals who don’t begin their adventure, are those who mismanage their time. Act with intention, and you will find adventure.

My Wild Ride

I’ve pursued a handful of escapades since I quit my job. I started writing a novel with the intent of getting it published. I have arranged my finances so I can survive if the book never makes a dime. I’m educating myself with books about how to write. I rarely have time for even my favorite television shows, because I’m taking action daily writing my novel.
I’m not slaying dragons, but when I have finished my writing for the day, I feel like I have defeated a beast. To walk the path of adventure I’m living with intention, instead of following the conventional way.

Two birds setting off on an adventure
Adventure awaits you, all you need to do is take a step towards it.

Adventure Awaits You

I want you to start your journey today. Imagine the kind of adventurous life you could lead. What is something that you have always wanted to do but it hasn’t seemed reasonable? It can be more than reasonable if you start working towards it intentionally. Don’t try to do everything for the adventure at once. Instead, search yourself to figure out what your biggest fear of pursuing it is. What deliberate move can you make, whether it’s action, education, or finances, to terminate this fear?

Final Thoughts

I’m happy with my adventurous life, and I want you to begin to seek yours. Remember, it’s not permanent, you can still raise kids, buy a house, or get married. However, this single event will add so much variety to your life that you will be thrilled that you intentionally pursued it. I want to help because I love watching these plans form. Contact me if you want help pursuing your adventure!

Photo Credit: Steve ShattuckGordon Tarpley, & Kraken Fireball

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