Money Monday - Net Worth

Money Monday – Net Worth for March 2017

Hey, guys! I’ve deemed the first Monday of every month “Money Monday!” I’m going to be sharing my net worth with you every first Monday from now on. Below is my net worth for March 2017. Come back Wednesday for a new post!

Net Worth Article

Net Worth for March 2017

Kraken’s Total Net Worth: $36,566

Financially Independent Net Worth:  $828,500

Percent of journey completed: 4.41%

Months to Retirement: 70

Personal Capital Net Worth for March 2017
The dip there is from when my debit card got charged to pay off my credit card but my credit card company hadn’t cleared the payment. The dip at the end is the same thing but with my savings account to my checking account.

March’s Savings Rate:

March 2017 Cashflow Personal Capital
Don’t worry guys I will make more money soon and this will become more interesting! Right now the income is just from miscellaneous market growth and a rogue Time Warner Cable check.

Savings Rate: N/A

Like I said above I’m working to improve the income situation. I have a tutoring session set up for this week and I will keep you posted on how that side hustle goes. I got the idea from Zach’s blog post here on Four Pillar Freedom. Check it out! I really like the idea, and his blog in general.

How do you guys like the Personal Capital Graphs? I would totally recommend the service. Is that something you would be interested in me writing an article about? Let me know below!

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