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My Groovy Guest Post

Hey, Guys big news today! I have a guest post over at Freedom is Groovy. If you find yourself tired or overwhelmed when making choices this post will help you out because it’s about choices, how to make them efficiently and intelligently. It’s called Is Your Life A Slave to Freedom by Choice.

I stumbled across the site Freedom is Groovy a few months ago, and I have enjoyed their no-nonsense attitude towards debt, finances, and politics. It’s a refreshing break from other financial blogs. Mr. and Mrs. Groovy run the site, they have retired early and now spend their days Blogging, taking cat naps, and eating the occasional Blizzard from Dairy Queen. If you enjoy this site, I know you will enjoy theirs.

Their Greatest Hits:

(in my opinion)

Six Ways to Become an Opportunity Slut

I’m Not a Bum, I’m a Human Being

A Sweet Transvestite’s Guide to Personal Finance

Junior IRA in a Nutshell

Happy Friday! I hope you have something exciting planned for your weekend!


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Photo Credit: Freedom Is Groovy

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