Financial Intelligence and Fireball Finances can't guarantee you shade or a travel briefcase as cool as these
This little piggy saved his money and ditched his job, and cried wee wee wee all the way to the bank.

Hey, I’m Kraken Fireball, and this is my blog, Fireball Finances!

On the last day of May 2016, I made the biggest decision of my life. I quit my job. It made me emotionally sick, I hated it, and I couldn’t stand to be there anymore. There wasn’t much of a plan in my mind, but I knew one thing, I was going to avoid going back to work no matter what.
Maybe you’re also miserable at your job, but you just don’t know where to start getting out of the rat race. Don’t fret. I was in a similar position, but I got out, and I’m staying out. I can help you get out too. If you feel disengaged, don’t keep putting up with it. Even if it’s what everyone around you does, there’s a better way!
Our schools never taught us how to quit a job, just how to get one. I’m here to show you how to do it because you don’t have to work the same job your whole life. Imagine retiring early, like really early. You could work a side hustle, become a digital nomad, or spend more time at home. Want to take a year off and travel, or explore wild ideas like trying to write fiction? You can do it.

Financial Intelligence Makes Freedom Possible

It’s all within your reach if you apply a little bit of Financial Intelligence. I’ve harnessed it to stay debt free, quit my job, travel, and explore dreams I never thought were realistic. I’ve studied money most of my life, how to save it and how to spend it. Throughout this time, I’ve learned this: “Money Isn’t Important.” I don’t mean this in a free spirit hippie the Earth will provide for you kind of way.Instead, what you do with your money is the important part.

With or Without Financial Intelligence

How much money you have and how quickly you can make it, these fall to the wayside when Financial Intelligence is in the game. Lack of Financial Intelligence is why lottery winners go broke in a year. Its presence is why teachers can regularly become early retirees. The simple truth is if you’re Financially Intelligent, you will have money.

Frugality & Side Hustle

My prescription for you is two parts. Part One: lower your expenses. When you depend on money less, the less you rely on your awful job. Live below your means, and you will be free from the corporate world in no time. After that apply Part Two: start finding work that interests you. You don’t have to find your passion, or even know what your passion is. Passion was something that tripped me up for awhile. Instead, you should find something that you’re interested in and makes you want to learn more. This one-two punch will knock out your day job in no time flat.
This and other deep contemplations can be found here on Fireball Finances.
Do robots and cyborgs need Financial Intelligence?

Don’t be afraid, take action

Sure, I’ve made mistakes, like quitting without a plan and investing in expensive mutual funds, but if you stick around here, you won’t make the same ones. I have no fear telling you what I did wrong. We can laugh about the mistakes together.
If you’re committed to the dream of being free from work, subscribe and start clicking around. It doesn’t have to be a dream, I’ve found a life that is greater than I could ever imagine, and you can too.
Peace Always,
Kraken Fireball

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