This little fellow kind of looks like an Ewok no?
This little fellow kind of looks like an Ewok no?

Hey, I’m Kraken Fireball, and this is my blog, Fireball Finances! This website is my personal corner of the internet where I share my journey towards the financial goal I set for myself in September 2015. That financial goal is to Become Financially Independent by 30! It may seem like a pretty high goal to reach for, but I don’t think it is impossible I know it’s possible because at lease one person has done it. This blog is the place where I will document my journey and share it with my loyal readers, and hopefully you too.

So why Fireball? Fun fact: it’s an acronym. Financially Intelligent Relaxed Environment Bad Ass Loving Life. These are the four things that I want to be. I want to be Financially Intelligent, I want to be in a Relaxed Environment, I want to be Bad Ass, and I want to be Loving Life. So that’s why my last name is Fireball.

So why Kraken? When I think of the Kraken, I think of a rare and unique creature that hides in a simple cave that probably has a treasure chest or two. That’s pretty much my life, or what I want my life to be. I want to be a rare and unique person who people enjoy talking to¬†and talking about, ideally nice things. I want my living area to be simple along with my life. And I hope to eventually have enough money stored away that I can do whatever I want without having to worry about income. Unlike the Kraken, I plan to save my money in Index funds rather than treasure chests.

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