I don’t know where this goes but I’m going to follow it


Here I will list out sub goals of the major goal Become Financially Independent by 30. As I think of new things that need to be done I will add them. Some tasks below might seem vague and they will probably get expanded or eliminated depending on whether or not I decide to follow through on them.

  1. Research how others have become financially independent 
    • This took the form of reading all of MMM. I consider it complete even though I am not done learning.
  2. Join and Financial Independence community like the MMM Forum or /r/financialindependence
  3. Automatically save 75% of income
  4. Invest Savings 
    • I have opened a Vanguard account and I’ve started putting money in there regularly
  5. Buy Property
  6. Set up Monthly auto deposits
    • This just happened recently and I think it is going to help me not spend as frivolously since I wont see a ton of cash in my checking account
  7. Find something that I would enjoy doing during retirement

Photo Credit: Ken Lund